PRO PHOTO™ are Number 1 for Property Photography

Over the past 13 years we have photographed over 1,000 properties throughout Cyprus and Internationally.

We produce high quality, stunning images for all property including hotels, resorts, spas, bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, malls, holiday homes and real estate.

We provide high quality conventional photography and also dramatic and effective panoramas that can really make your property stand out from the crowd.

As talented, experienced and creative hotel photographers; you get more original, exciting images.

We allow a minimum of two days for a typical shoot of ten beautiful stills, ten virtual tours, or a fully composed 90-second hotel video. A third or fourth day may be needed for larger or more complex destinations. We are thoroughly trained in the art of capturing resort images, using lighting, composition and styling to best advantage. We have experience working within specific brand guidelines and we’re happy to advise you about getting the best results.

Going the extra mile

PRO PHOTO’s 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures we’ll always make the extra effort needed to get things perfect.

On one shoot in Greece, due to cloudy weather it took three whole days to get the shots required and some of these had clouds in them. When the fourth day arrived with a cloudless sky, instead of making do, we started from scratch and re-shot everything. Our photographer went the extra mile to make it perfect for the client. He said “It’s a resort for honeymooners and couples who travel to Greece for the sunshine they would not be excited looking at a resort with cloudy photos”.

On another shoot in Cyprus, the owners prepared the bedrooms to the standard they felt was right, but our photographer knew he could do better. He steam ironed the pillows and bed-linen, pinned back the bed skirts, dusted the furniture and when it came to the exterior shots, even bought planters and flowers to brighten the view around the pool area.

The results

Because we work with the leading brands in the hospitality industry, we know exactly how important, high quality images and video are to sales and marketing efforts. We are always amazed that some hotel owners will spend many millions of dollars on building the hotel, but then take the photos of the hotel themselves with their £100 point and shoot camera. Surely this is the time to do everything possible to market your hotel, to showcase at its best and place the images on all the right websites, trade magazines and print media. The benefit to you is that you are serious about marketing your hotel where others may miss the point. Professionally captured large colourful stills, captivating video and immersive virtual tours will lift you above your competition, attract people to spend more time on your site, and give potential customers the confidence they need to make a booking. Your clients expect to see a gallery, virtual tours and video so it’s vital you provide the media or risk losing the client to someone that has.